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Cornell Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Data Lake

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University has created a public data lake of climate data. The data is stored in columnar storage formats (ORC) to enable straightforward queries to gridded, geospatial data using standard tools like Amazon Athena or Apache Spark. The data itself is originally intended to be used for building decision support tools for farmers and for digital agriculture.

The first dataset is the historical NDFD / NDGD data distributed by NCEP / NOAA / NWS. The NDFD (National Digital Forecast Database) and NDGD (National Digital Guidance Database) contain gridded forecasts and observations at 2.5km resolution for the Contiguous United States (CONUS). There are also 5km grids for several smaller US regions and non-continguous territories, such as Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and Alaska. NOAA distributes archives of the NDFD/NDGD via its NOAA Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS) in Grib2 format. The data has been converted to ORC to optimize storage space and to - more importantly - simplify data access via standard data analytics tools.